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I’m Sooz, a NYT bestselling author of assorted series for teens and adults. My debut novel, Something Strange & Deadly, released in 2012—and my eleventh published novel The Hunting Moon releases November 2023.

For the last 14 years, I have shared regular, high-quality, totally free writing + publishing advice to bookworms, aspiring authors, and people from all sorts of backgrounds who are curious how this whole shebang works.

Why Misfits?

Because, my first group of fans called themselves The Misfits after my first heroine, Miss Eleanor Fitt—a truly odd duck, if ever there was one.

Plus, at the end of the day, don’t we all feel a bit like misfits? Especially if we’re that dreaded creative type?

Why Daydreamers?

Because if you want to write, you have to daydream. It’s the lifeblood of creativity, the heart of fiction, the source from which all story springs.

And let’s be real, I’ve never met a daydreamer I didn’t like. We’re hopeful, we’re inspired, and I truly believe we’re the ones who will effect the most change in the world.

Why subscribe?

Because I am honest.

The reason 15,500+ people are subscribed here is because I don’t sugar coat the realities of traditional publishing or the creative life. My career has hit rock bottom and it has also hit mountain peaks. Then it has hit that rocky bottom all over again…

Because there are no guarantees in this life; no one has ever truly made it; and I hope I can impart all the painful, disappointing, but ultimately uplifting lessons I have learned after so much time in the industry.

Subscribers get:

  • Insights and news from my life as a full time author

  • Writing prompts

  • Sneak peeks, first looks, and extra content for my books

  • High quality writing and publishing advice

I’m also hilarious.

If you don’t trust me, you can find heaps of my old writing advice here on my website and decide for yourself.

Why pay for subscriptions?

Because you like what I do and you want to support me. 🥰

It’s as simple as that.

I’ve shared high quality, deep-dive writing advice for 13 years. It has been free for readers, though it has never been free for me.

To keep this sustainable for me, I am adding extra features that will be exclusive to paying Misfits & Daydreamers:

  • AMAs (Ask Me Anything)

  • Short fiction by yours truly

  • Archived advice from old newsletters, updated and refreshed

  • In-depth takes on publishing, writing, and creative living

But don’t worry: most content will continue to be free! I absolutely understand that we’re all struggling financially right now, and I am right there with you. So for those of you who can’t pay, there will still be all the same writing and publishing insights available to you.

Why octopuses?

Because I used to work in marine ecology before I became a full-time writer, and octopuses were my favorite creature in the sea! And they still are.

But I feel I should mention: I liked them before they were cool, okay? #octopushipster

Also, just FYI: we say octopuses…not octopi. Never octopi! It’s a Greek word anyway, and the plural would be octopodes if you want to get technical and wow your friends on trivia night.

Now what are you waiting for?

I promise, I’m very nice—and the whole community is too! We’re all a bunch of misfits and daydreamers, right? 🐙

So grab a magical cookie 🍪 and let’s dive in…

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