Hey ma, I can make videos now!

And it's pretty cool...



Hey, crew! I am literally recording this video just to give you an example of the sort of WILD CARDS that you might get if you are a paid subscriber to the Misfits & Daydreamers.

Admittedly, I have no makeup on right now, I am working, and this is super spur of the moment because that is what I want to create for you. Any sort of random updates or insights that I think are worth sharing with the Misfits and Daydreamers.



It’s not filtered and it ain’t pretty, but you know I’ll always be honest! And hopefully fun too.

Expect these videos to replace my IG writing advice stories, since I don’t like IG anymore.

Basically, I want to make videos for you all WHEN I ACTUALLY HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY, and not because an algorithm tells me I have to.

💚 -